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Text 23 Oct 1 note oh my oh my oh my.

what in the world am i thinking?? i haven’t posted on here in soooo long! so much to say, so little time!

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Text 22 May 1 note home.

finals are done! i’m moved out! i made it home!

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Text 29 Apr soon soon.

these next couple weeks will be busy so i decided i should update this while i still have the time to!

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Text 15 Apr happiness. !

as i sit and think about the past few weeks, i can’t help but realize how blessed i am!

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Text 2 Apr spring break and then some.

it’s been a while so i figured since i’ve spent my whole day procrastinating…why not keep it going!

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Text 19 Mar slackalackin.

that’s what i’ve been doing. the social networking has gotten out of hand. especially since i reestablished facebook as part of my regimen this past weekend (peer pressure). we’ll see how long that lasts…

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Quote 19 Mar
— "you aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy."
Text 6 Mar 1 note essence of life.


in life, there are so many directions that we’ll have to choose from, and if given the chance, which will you take?

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Quote 4 Mar 4 notes

"don’t hold back during these four years. because one day you’ll go back to the place and remember the time you spent there. you don’t want your memories to be filled with wishing, but with satisfaction. and knowing that during those four years you lived, learned, grew, and became who you wanted to be."

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Text 25 Feb progress report.

i’ve decided that i’m going to start 5-star reviewing my new years resolutions, to keep myself aware of the progress i’m making as the year continues:

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Quote 21 Feb

"it’s ok to reach for the stars, just don’t forget about the flowers at your feet."

Quote 16 Feb

"what gives each moment its intensity is the knowledge that we are all hanging by a thread and the control that we work so hard to establish is an illusion, that the race is really not, in the long run, to the swift."

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